Bread is a large part of our diet, whether it’s for breakfast or for lunch, most of us eat at least a few slices every day so choose wisely! After all, this staple food is steeped in tradition, and there are few foods that have so much to offer in terms of versatility, taste and convenience.

Not only does bread taste delicious, it’s very smell makes us happy. As well as having so many varieties, there are endless ways to enjoy bread from toasting to filling it or topping it!

Bread is a source of many nutrients including protein, folic acid, fiber and vitamins & minerals. Irish people get more iron from white bread than from meat or fish and it’s also the second highest contributor to our calcium intake.

Irish bread is among the best in the world and is low in fat and sugar. Both brown and white Irish bread provide just 1% of the fat content of the Irish diet. With so much choice from soda, batch, health breads, wheaten and sourdough, we can eat a different variety every day of the week across a wide range of meals.

Here at Stafford Bakeries we work through the night baking bread for you to ensure that it is as fresh as it can be! Along with our traditional white and brown bread, we make a range of Sourdough, Spelt, Seeded, Ciabatta and other specialised breads and a full range of confectionery Fresh Cream cakes and seasonal products.

Relying on traditional skills and methods, Stafford Bakeries has long been synonymous with excellence, our secret is in the quality of ingredients, the traditional methods used – and time! Good breads need time to develop taste.

Our confectioners also work through the night baking and decorating a large range of mouth-watering cakes. Always remember a little bit of what you like has to be good for you!

Special Occasion Cake Orders

Cakes can be made for any occasion including Christenings, Birthdays, Anniversaries or Corporate Events. Our talented team of confectioners can personalise your cake with a photograph to make any occasion even more memorable. You can ask our wedding cake specialist for information on the perfect cake for your big day.


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